About the Student Further Education Unit UK

The Student Further Education Unit UK is a new website venture which aims to promote scholarships, bursaries and other funding resources to students in the UK.

Please note: The old Scottish Further Education Unit website which was originally on this domain has merged with Scotland’s Colleges, now found at CollegesScotland.ac.uk.

History of the SFEU:

The SFEU was the key development agency for Scotland’s colleges. It contribute to the work of a wide range of national committees and delivers a range of high quality services which promote and support changes in Scotland’s colleges leading to excellence in learning effectiveness and in college development. It achieved this through working in close partnership with colleges and maintaining a high level of understanding of the developmental issues facing Scotland’s colleges. In addition to work supported by core funding, the SFEU undertook a number of project-based activities in curriculum and staff development designed to maintain the position of Scotland’s colleges at the forefront of lifelong learning.

Among the many services which the SFEU provided were:

  • Expert advice, research and development, consultancy and customised problem solving
  • Professional and organisation development and training for colleges and staff
  • Conferences, workshops and seminars focusing on topical issues which enable individuals and groups to explore common challenges and share ideas
  • A central resource and reference base providing extensive information services
  • Specialist publishing services producing a wealth of written material devoted to the further education sector and newsletters to keep everyone up-to-date with what is going on in the wider educational field.


  • 1985 – Established as CAST (Curriculum Advice and Support Team)
  • 1991 – Became SFEU, a government-sponsored Non-Departmental Public Body
  • 1993 – Incorporated as SFEU
  • 2001 – Given new status as a Not-for-Profit Organisation
  • 2009 – COLEG merged with SFEU and on the 5 June 2009 ASC became a wholly owned subsidiary of SFEU.
  • SFEU, along with Scotland’s Colleges International, will continue to trade under the Scotland’s Colleges brand.

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